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 Couples Therapy | Somatic Therapy
Nervous System | Attachment | Trauma | Somatic | Neuroscience 

At Held Therapy we see individuals and couples either online or in person.
By healing the wounds of our past that are stored in our body, we have a different experience of our present both on our own and in our relationships.

Drawing from the latest science and teachings of the autonomic nervous system, attachment, and trauma therapy,
our approach uncovers how your history lives on in your body and guides you today in how you
experience yourself and those you are in relationship with.

Held Somatic Therapy 

Work with your Held Somatic Therapy Practitioner one-on-one to:

  • Heal from trauma responses that are still impacting you

  • Release what your body is holding and find physical relief from symptoms/syndromes 

  • Complete survival responses that got stuck

  • Work with your attachment wounds, exploring how they impact your life today and moving towards a more secure attachment style

  • Explore relationship dynamics within the safety of the therapeutic container.

Couples Therapy

Work with your Held Couples Therapist to:

  • Break repeating patterns that are derailing you

  • Heal betrayal within your relationship

  • Navigate libido mismatch

  • Learn how to fight well

  • Support one and another to feel safe and secure

  • Learn how to soothe your partner when they are distressed

  • Become pro-relationship instead of pro-self


About Us

Your Held Practitioner will be:

  • A certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner™

  • A registered DARe Practitioner™ (Attachment focused re-patterning)

  • Trauma-informed

  • Nervous system aware

  • Neuroscience influenced

  • Accepting of you in your complete uniqueness

  • Sex positive

  • Inclusive & relational 

  • Aware that they have blind spots

  • Psychodynamic

  • Rigorously trained in couples therapy - PACT™ (Psychobiological approach to couples therapy)

About the work

It is now common to hear terms such as attachment style, trauma, nervous system, healing and regulation and this means we are becoming more psychologically and emotionally literate.
Through increasingly sophisticated technology and science, our knowledge expands, as does our understanding of how these terms connect to our physical, emotional, spiritual and mental experience of being in the world and most importantly, how to shift it.
At Held, we have combined this work and woven it together with held philosophies and purpose to work with you in a way that gives you the opportunity to change as a couple or individually.

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Somatic Therapy & Couples Therapy | Somatic Experiencing™ | Trauma & The Autonomic Nervous System | Neuroscience | DARe™ (Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience) | PACT™ (Psychobiological approach to couples Therapy).

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