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About Us 

Held practitioners combine a unique blend of techniques to support you in transforming your life.



I was raised near London and my first career was in the music industry. Managing artists and working with record labels gave me a unique insight into the human condition. 


A much-needed stint in rehab set me on the path to recovery from addictive behaviours and substances in 2006.  That was to become the catalyst for my exploration and study into the human psyche, our relationships and what our experience of being in the world was about.  


I went on to train as a Psychotherapist, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner™, DARe™ practitioner, PACT® couple therapist, NVC mediator and Yoga teacher.

These trainings, coupled with my own experience of depression, addiction, anxiety, eating disorder, toxic relationships and codependency all shape how I work with clients. 

Whether I am working with couples or individuals, the experiencing of sitting alongside and supporting people as they grapple, strive and thrive is an exceptionally special and precious experience and I feel lucky and privileged to do so.  


I now love to hang out near but not necessarily on some water - enjoying the storms just as much as the sunshine.I am passionate about good quality tea and love a slow, strong yoga class. On any given weekend you may find me knee deep in some kind of tech quandary!



I was born in Tāmaki-Makaurau (Auckland), Aotearoa (New Zealand) and raised in different parts of both islands. This beautiful and sacred land runs through me whilst I sit in my Pākehā (NZ European) experience.  I continue to learn how to be in relationship in a meaningful way with this land and it’s people.

​Impacted by the challenges we faced socially and environmentally, I began running incubators around the business of social change but was soon on my own journey navigating and then healing from isolation, anxiety, experiences of depression, unhealthy relationship dynamics and burnout.

I inevitably became drawn to supporting others and trained as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner™ , PACT® practitioner (Pyschobiological Approach to Couple Therapy), DARe™ practitioner, Professional Integral Coach, restorative yoga teacher, NVC mediator and co-founding The Social Experiment, Emerge Institute and The Pākehā Project (Pākehā leaders decolonising themselves).


It’s an honor to work with both couples and individuals, to journey with them as they grow and evolve more and more into the essence of who they truly are as a person or a couple.


Outside of this work, I love being close to nature.  That may be in the garden, near expanses of water or in the native bush of Aotearoa. I value close connection with like minded people and collaborating on the next chapter of Held.

When we did our own work, both individually and as a couple, we experienced a big change in how we experience ourselves in the world and in all our relationships.

We started Held Therapy because of that transformation and wanting to support others to experience their version of it - whether that be individually or together as a couple.  We consistently witness the change in others and are excited to have created something completely unique that involved merging our skills, experience and expertise.

We don’t claim to have it all sussed and definitely don’t have a life without challenges but we have experienced significant and sustained improvements in our own lives and consistently see this with our clients. 

Why Held Therapy?

We created Held Therapy to support people to live their fullest, most authentic and most abundant life possible.


When we started to, as clients, explore themes and modalities around Trauma, Nervous System, Attachment, Psychobiology and Somatics we underwent a remarkable transformation in our physiological experience of being in relationship with each other and of being in the world. Our felt sense of being in our bodies, of living this life, began to fundamentally be reshaped. This impacted all parts of our lives from physical health, energy levels, access to our intuition and much more.

After additional extensive training over many years, we worked with our clients in these modalities and saw the same thing - a process leading to a different biological sense of how they responded to each other and the world around them leading to similar changes that we had undergone.


This is where Held Therapy was born - it is a space for people to heal in the kindest, gentlest and most effective and long-lasting way. 

Your Held Practioner will be:

  • A certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner™

  • A registered DARe Practitioner™ (Attachment focused re-patterning)

  • Trauma-informed

  • Nervous system aware

  • Neuroscience influenced

  • Accepting of you in your complete uniqueness

  • Sex positive

  • Inclusive & relational

  • Aware that they have blind spots

  • Psychodynamic

  • Rigorously trained in couples therapy - PACT™ (Psychobiological approach to couples therapy) 

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Somatic Therapy & Couples Therapy | Somatic Experiencing™ | Trauma & The Autonomic Nervous System | Neuroscience | DARe™ (Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience) | PACT™ (Psychobiological approach to couples Therapy).

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